Software installation seems to be an easy task for most people who have the basic understanding on how the software installation package works and how to run them. But in the modern age of technology, some software installers are now being bundled with other third party programs that can be unintentionally installed thus making most users unaware.

Whatever project you’re working on – from building web pages to building houses – you’re going to need the right sort of software to handle the job.

There are two types: System software is what runs and manages your computer, such as your operating system or file management utilities. Application software, popularly known as apps, refers to software that allows users to complete specific tasks.

Help Is A Phone Call Away

Some software is relatively easy to set up. Some, however, can be quite complicated to install and setup.

KeffynMedia Computer Services can help you with all of it, from taking the hassle out of installing the simple programs, to the expertise you need for the complicated installs.Our Expert Techs can take the mystery out of software installation and use. Some of the things we will do are:

  • Determine Computer Compatibility For The Install – Some software works with some computers, but software programs are not necessarily universal. Our Expert Techs will determine if your computer is compatible with the software you are considering.
  • Install And Configure Software – If the software and your computer are a match, we will install it for you. Settings will be configured to make it as easy as possible to use.
  • Perform Necessary Software Updates – If your software was purchased in a store and came out of a box, it might well be out of date. Developers regularly release updates for their software, and packaged software probably will not be the latest version. Your Expert Techs will take care of that, downloading and installing the latest updates.
  • Create Required Shortcuts – We will also create desktop, start menu, and quick launch shortcuts, making your new software easily accessible.

Before we abandon you to your new, exciting installed software program, we’ll make sure you know how to use it. Don’t worry.

Business Software Install

Businesses without their own IT department will benefit from KeffynMedia’s ‘worry free’ service, too. We can handle software requirements for any size business. Whether your business needs a few applications on one or two computers or many apps installed in several places on multiple devices, we will ensure your business’ software is headache-free.

Home or Small business, simple or complicated, our ‘worry free’ service takes the guesswork out of software installation.

Just cant get that software installed right? Don’t know what software to select for your needs?

We’ll help you get back to work. Fast and worry free.