KeffynMedia Computer Services provide professional computer support to home computer users and small businesses.

Do you have a computer hardware issue? Is your laptop computer in need of a parts upgrade or routine maintenance? Are you looking to fix a specific part that’s damaged? If it’s an issue with your computer, chances are we’ve fixed it before.

We’ve all been there, staring at our computer and wondering what is going on….

The blue screen of death. The error message that won’t go away. My laptop is getting hot. My machine shut down, and I didn’t hit the power button. My movie won’t play, the list goes on and on…..

Few things are more frustrating than this. We’re merely doing what we’ve done in the past, and nothing is working.

Our Repair Services:

PC Repairs – Laptop Screen Repairs – Laptop Repairs – Hardware Repairs – Desktop Repairs – Apple MAC Repairs

What Can I Do to Prevent Problems?

Computers are no different than many other things; some maintenance is helpful and there a variety of simple things owners can do to ensure calling KeffynMedia computer services is a last resort.

First, do regular backups. Whether it’s a memory stick or a cloud, regular, complete back-ups keep a problem from becoming a disaster. With your information backed up, if the worst does happen, you don’t lose anything.

Second, check and see what downloads and apps you are not using. Getting rid of unused apps and downloads makes your machine runs better.

You should also have an antivirus software installed.

Tip: If any of these concepts are foreign to you, call KeffynMedia computer services for complete training! One of our Expert Techs will come out and show you how to keep your computer running on all cylinders. A small investment now can prevent problems in the future.

In today’s society, no one can afford computer downtime. Whether it’s your family or your home office or your business, you need your Macs, PCs, and laptops up and running. Sometimes, through trial and error, we can fix some things ourselves. Sometimes, however, we can’t.

When we can’t, it’s time to call KeffynMedia Computer Services

Your Problems, Our Solutions! Only KeffynMedia Computer Services has the Expert Techs that can come to your home or business and get you back up and running.

Around the Corner, Around the Block – That’s KeffynMedia Computer Services You get the confidence of dealing with the personal service of a local business.

Same Day Service – That’s KeffynMedia Computer Services We realise you have better things to do than wait for your technician or drag your computer to a store where you get to wait in a line, only to be told your machine will be ready next week.

That’s why we offer same day service if you call us by midday. We expect it as much as you do.

Computer Repairs for Narangba Kurwongbah Petrie and surrounding areas on site service

Unable to work? Your computer freezes?

We’ll help you get back to work. Fast and worry free!