KeffynMedia Computer Services provide professional networking design, sales, support and management to home computer users and small businesses.

A solid Internet connection and networked computers and printers are the cornerstone of any home or office, and depending on your location you may have several options from which to choose, but networking is about more than just Internet Access.

KeffynMedia Computer Services can connect your entire home or office including peripherals from printers to projectors using a Local Area Network (LAN) made up of wired (Ethernet Cables) and wireless (Wi-Fi) Access Points (WAPs) and even your office to other offices using a Wide Area Network (WAN) by means of NBNEthernetFibreCable (HFC) or ADSL connections….

KeffynMedia Computer Services are experts in Network and Internet design, installation and troubleshooting.

We can assist with the following services either remotely or on-site.

  • Internet, Network and Wi-Fi Troubleshooting
  • Internet, Network and Wi-Fi Design and Installation
  • Internet and Networking Support Services

We can troubleshoot and test your existing system either remotely or on-site.

Having Problems with your Telephone Company or ISP?

If you have been experiencing ongoing problems with your Telephone Company or ISP (Internet Service Provider) such as TelstraOptusiiNetTPGDodo etc and you think you are being given the run-around, with your permission, we can speak to them on your behalf. We can test their assumptions and suggestions and relay that information back to you in plain-english. If we believe they are supplying false information we will challenge them on your behalf and find a solution which may involve changing ISPs.

Having Problems with your internet speed and reliability?

If you are experiencing slow internet speed and reliability, let KeffynMedia Computer Services trouble-shoot the problem. We can make preliminary investigations and tests simply by knowing your physical address and by remotely logging into your network. If those tests prove inconclusive we may need to visit your office to test your equipment. Upon conclusion of the testing we will make a written report including our recommendations and approximate costings.

Tip: If any of these concepts are foreign to you, call KeffynMedia computer services for complete training! One of our Expert Techs will come out and show you how to keep your computer running on all cylinders. A small investment now can prevent problems in the future.

In today’s society, no one can afford computer downtime. Whether it’s your family or your home office or your business, you need your Macs, PCs, and laptops up and running. Sometimes, through trial and error, we can fix some things ourselves. Sometimes, however, we can’t.

When we can’t, it’s time to call KeffynMedia Computer Services

Your Problems, Our Solutions! Only KeffynMedia Computer Services has the Expert Techs that can come to your home or business and get you back up and running.

Around the Corner, Around the Block – That’s KeffynMedia Computer Services You get the confidence of dealing with the personal service of a local business.

Same Day Service – That’s KeffynMedia Computer Services We realise you have better things to do than wait for your technician or drag your computer to a store where you get to wait in a line, only to be told your machine will be ready next week.

That’s why we offer same day service if you call us by midday. We expect it as much as you do.

Computer Network Services for Narangba Kurwongbah Petrie and surrounding areas on site service

Unable to work? Your computer freezes?

We’ll help you get back to work. Fast and worry free!