Battery issues? Laptop not lasting as long as it used to? Strange swelling from you laptop?

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We understand downtime, when your device battery doesn’t perform as expected, normally at the worst possible time, its an immediate disaster. We get it, and we understand you need fast service.

We offers prompt attention to your home or office Brisbane computer repairs and sort out the issues. You can expect results, simple english and professional courteous service.

We have repaired numerous MacBook Battery Swelling issues.

The main cause for battery cell swelling is what is known as thermal runaway.

If a cell reaches a certain temperature then a chemical in the cell (usually Cobalt Oxide for Lithium Ion batteries) starts an unintended reaction which is exothermic in nature (i.e. it creates heat). More heat raises the cell temperature further which causes more of the same chemical reaction

This creates a runaway thermal overload which can end in one of two ways, the cell and therefore the battery pack, catches fire or the reaction fizzles out with the cell in a swollen state.”

Once your MacBook battery is not performing as it should, not holding charge at all, short battery life or no battery detected error, you should consider having the battery replaced. If the battery does go into “thermal runaway” it can become an expensive repair.

We have repaired numerous MacBook Battery Swelling issues. The extent of the repair varies, some are a simple replacement as the MacBook battery is only slightly swollen, on other repairs the battery may have leaked, damaged the trackpad through expansion or heat damaged the internals of the MacBook.

We have had customers confirm that their battery expanded on a single charge cycle, damaging the MacBook  in varies ways.

We only use  Genuine Apple battery arrays in our repairs.

We do also offer a full repair service for all Macbooks and iMac’s.

Feel free to call us for a quote on your MacBook Battery swelling repair. We would love to help